Building since 1990 – Inspecting since 2004

Professional, qualified and specializing only in pre-purchase house inspections, we have built a solid track record in all aspects of building inspecting and reporting.
Totally independent and holding Private Indemnity Insurance & Public Liability Insurance.

At Jones Brothers House Inspectors we provide total transparency during the entire process of our obligation to you, ensuring we deliver an optimum service.

We have both been immersed in the Auckland building industry since our early 20’s.

We understand all important aspects of residential construction methods and our eye for detail will detect issues and faults which could be of concern to you.

Having built a solid track record with expertise and experience you can trust, with 12 years inspecting, we both actively keep up to date with the latest building standards, techniques and materials.

At Jones Brothers House Inspectors we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, our skill and our knowledge. Our friendly nature and dedication towards our work makes your call to us a good choice.

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We can usually have your property inspected within a few days of calling. Phone 0800 PRE-PURCHASE 0800 773 787 or [email protected]
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